Thursday, May 1, 2014

Arrrgh Matey: Finn's pirate party

We threw Finn his first friend party this year. We had a house full of Pirates!
We made telescopes out of toilet paper rolls
played pin the pirate on the treasure map
had a pirate lunch
and went on a Treasure hunt!
He wanted to dress up just like "jake"

Daniel had a mandatory meeting that morning at school, and was just planing on taking the bus home in time for the party. Turns on the Saturday bus schedule is different so he was going to be late if he waited for it. So he RAN in -20 degree weather about 2 miles from school to make it in time! What a sweet daddy.
 Captain Hook was a hit!
Closest one to the treasure! Everyone got chocolate gold coins as prizes

The Treasure hunt was the highlight of the party

Finn's treasure map cake

It was so crazy to see them all play together like they were people or something! They were a roudy bunch of boys so it was a full 2 hours, but he had such a blast!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

January Trips i.e. escape from Hoth

After spending Christmas together we were so excited to see family!! We drove to Dallas and it was beautiful. We went to the zoo enjoyed the Park (for the first time in 3 months) and got to see the Manions! Emery and B were instant pals.
Then our friends from Houston rarandomly had a 24 hour layover in Dallas. We were stoked, Logan and Finn couldn't have been more excited to see each other!

 Then we went to Utah. Daniel was able to come with us, then go on to see baby Nora get blessed in Idaho. Finn loved being with all of his cousins and we all got some much needed Nona and Papa time!

Johnston girls at our finest

B joined us for our girl's day Pedis

Saturday, December 21, 2013

B is 6 months

now that she is almost 7 months (shhh) I thought I would update on her
  • She loves her toes and to pull her socks off!
  • She smiles and coos ALL day long 
  • She loves Finn and will laugh at anything he does, even if she is in the middle of crying if he comes and talks to her she'll perk right up
  • Turns out she hates pureed food and would rather have the hard stuff like pancakes and frozen veggies. 
  • still no teeth
  • still nurses like a champ
  • rolling like a potato bug but she refuses to sit up on her own
  • absolute joy to be around and that sparkle in her eye can put a smile on even Scrooge's face!

Friday, December 20, 2013

November updates

Daniel got a small break from school for Thanksgiving so we were able to get some much needed family time.
We went to a small theater in Saint Paul to see Planes. Finn loves the theater! something about bottomless popcorn and treats and big comfy chairs gets him excited....?

the were way more interested in the pre-show than smiling
Then we went to Blue Door for lunch to Minnesota's famous blucy and delicious cheese curds!
Daniel and I got to play a lot of cribbage like the 80 year old couple that we are.

Finn has gotten very independent and tires to do everything himself expecially when it involves semi sharp objects. Here he is "making a samich" sporting his Thanksgiving craft we did that week.

For Thanksgiving we got together with a couple of our friends and had a Brisket. It was all of our first Thanksgivings without family so we decided to get a little crazy and have beef instead of turkey. Followed by a fierce game of BANG and pie we oddly felt very patriotic.

Of course no shave November:

It started to get colder so this is a common sight around here: Had coat and boots all put on by himself!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A legit October

The entire month of October was much different for us this year. We didn't have to crank the AC so that we could wear our sweaters, or buy ice cold lemonade to keep us cool while we picked out our pumpkins... no no, this year was legit. I busted out our dusty winter boxes much sooner than I anticipated, but don't you worry, I had a giant smile on my face while I was doing it. 
We got bundled up and made sure not to waste a weekend. 

We hit Afton Apple Farms-- they had amazing apple pie, a huge playground and tire mountain, a fun hay ride, and raspberry picking.
Obviously Betsy was thrilled

We also picked out some pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch. 

Then painted said pumpkins:
We drove down to Stillwater for their Fall Festival, and while the actual festival left much to be desired, the town was incredible. I guess it's the oldest town in Minnesota so it is full of gorgeous homes and twisting old trees. We went at the peak of the fall foliage so it was lit up with fall colors.

Ok, the giant pumpkins were pretty awesome
 The kids got a fun Halloween package from Nona and Papa to get them in the candy spirit.

To get us into Halloween mode we left the kids and headed to fright was perfect.
 Then for Halloween we made all of Finn's dreams come true and dressed him up as Peter Pan and Daniel up as Captain Hook. This happened ALL night....
He was in heaven.

If Daniel agreed to wear "guy"-liner, then B and I were going to join the crew too. We picked our sides and became the trusty side kicks.

My favorite part of Halloween this year was watching Finn trick or treat. He and his friend Elsa ran around our complex baffled by the fact that they could knock on any door and GET CANDY?! He ran home and dumped out his loot and was thrilled that it was all his. Luckily like 20 minutes later he got just as excited to hand out candy and he had forgotten all about his own. I was able to dump it back into the trick-or-treating bowl and we handed it all back out.
Thank you Minnesota, quite a legit October.
I'm sure December will be even better!